It is one of the three southern European peninsulas and 500,000 square kilometres in size: the Balkan Peninsula. In poetic terms, it forms the geographical border between the Occident and the Orient. Long scorned, unknown beauty. Unbeknownst to many, five seas lap its rugged shores: the Black, Marmara, Aegean, Ionian and Adriatic Seas.
Its hidden wealth: an abundance of national and natur parks – from Croatia to Greece.

Its name refers to its natural wealth: BALKAN – „mountains with many forests“. Indeed, the Balkan Peninsula is a treasure trove of ecological diversity. However, the Balkans are not only fold mountains. Above all, it captivates with its unknown side: full of hidden and untouched natural beauty, a mysterious-archaic world.

The Balkans are still marginally developed for tourism. Its wealth of untamed nature is a heritage that was never plundered until the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Neither through economic growth nor exploitation. It is only since the end of the civil war in the former Balkan state that the countries in the region have had to make increasing efforts to limit the damage. Because the Balkans want to be a bridge. A GREEN BELT OF EUROPE, a natural corridor between the formerly hostile states in the European structure.

A cinematic journey to the still wild part of Europe – across Alps, lakes and seas. Shot in 4K. Developed as a 6-part series, conceived and realised by Jeremy JP Fekete




2021/22 | 6*43min/52min |Sony F7|4K| 16:9

written and directed:



FIRST RELEASE:    on ARTE / Arte DISCOVERY … in Production