Lúxus bensín / Gasoline Deluxe / Tankstellen des Glücks

Lúxus bensín | Gasoline Deluxe Tankstellen des Glücks – Der Film beim Reykjavík International Filmfestival 2016 click here:   “Tankstellen des Glücks – RIFF“      

GASOLINE DELUXE / TANKSTELLEN DES GLÜCKS at RIFF|Reykjavík International Film Festival 2016

09/2016 – GASOLINE DELUXE @ Reykjavík International Film Festival We are happy to announce that our production with the entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein will enter the international stage and celebrate its European premiere at the Reykjavík International Film Festvial from 29 September – 9 October 2016. Iceland’s biggest film festival takes place for the 13th time …

ART&TUR 2016 … nice news!

      We are delighted to announce that your Documentary, “Backroads Europe/Europas legendäre Strassen-Via Publicae in Portugal” is a finalist in the TV/DOC Section of the ART&TUR Festival 2016, congratulations!


  Here’s what members of the Grand Jury had to say about this year’s winners: A spectacular combination of great cinematography, compelling first-person narrative, editing and production. A masterpiece. Riveting and rich, a pleasure to experience and by doing so learn many great things. This is great storytelling. Amazing production value and story construction. Enormously …