GASOLINE DELUXE / TANKSTELLEN DES GLÜCKS at RIFF|Reykjavík International Film Festival 2016

09/2016 – GASOLINE DELUXE @ Reykjavík International Film Festival

We are happy to announce that our production with the entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein will enter the international stage and celebrate its European premiere at the Reykjavík International Film Festvial from 29 September – 9 October 2016. Iceland’s biggest film festival takes place for the 13th time and screens the most innovative and progressive films from around the world. “Gasoline Deluxe” is part of a crossmedia project with Friedrich Liechtenstein including a 10-part TV series, a web series, a VR/360° video, and a music video for the opener song “1000 Liter”.

Reykjavík International Film Festival

Directors: Jeremy JP Fekete, Marco Wilms, Tuan Lam
Co-Writer: Friedrich Liechtenstein
Creative Producer: Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Camera: Axel Schneppat, Peter Erlemann, Marco Wilms
Editing & Sound design: Christian R. Timmann, Lisa Lischewsky
Executive producer: Christian Beetz
Commissioning editors (ZDF/arte): Wolfgang Bergmann, Olaf Grunert, Catherine Le Goff